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12.2.2018 - 11.5.2018 - Classes in the Spring semester 2017/2018

29.3.2018 - Dean's Day

18.4.2018 - Rector's Day

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Research group 5

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Global Governance – New Global Order:


Specialization within the Group

prof. PhDr. Zuzana Lehmannová, CSc. HeadGlobalisation, global determinants of governance, international organizations, UN reform.
prof. Ing. Eva Cihelková, CSc. Globalisation and regionalism, EU external relations, New Regionalism, institutions in the world economy.
Ing. Zbyněk Dubský, Ph.D. Global and national security management, security aspects of regional integration, international organisations.
Ing. Pavel Hnát, Ph.D. New Regionalism, globalisation, multilateral liberalisation, international economic organisations.
Ing. Martina Jiránková, Ph.D. Globalisation, international organisations, world economy, competitiveness.
Ing. Tereza De Castro International organisations, regional integration, immigration, security, civic society.