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Aim of the research plan

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The aim of presented research plan of FIR, in sequence to research activities of the research team so far, is to enable correct and early reaction of policy-makers on all governance levels to actual challenges of global economy and society by providing them with complex and sophisticated information. The correct and early reaction is the key success factor of national and regional economy in the global competition. To assure complex and sophisticated information level for the key policy-makers about governance changes concretely means:

  • To elaborate and specify the notion “governance” in the Czech scientific literature respecting the world scientific trends. Regarding the not unique definition of the notion “governance” and its unclear use to describe partial aspects of management or administration (such as corporate governance), the exact definition of the category and stressing all relevant associations of it is becoming essential presumption for complex and sophisticated research of the whole topic.
  • To intensify description, analysis and evaluation of partial governance aspects in addition to existing scientific activities. Important part of the research plan covers the mapping and analysing of new theoretical attitudes in relation to various economic, social, political, security and institutional or legal aspects and their connections.
  • To connect partial aspects of governance with unifying factor of challenges for government system. Changes in governance – as a consequence of globalisation and internationalisation as well as of the internal political and social processes of Czech society (economical and political transformation after failure of bipolar world order, integration of Czech economy into global and European structures) – represent a complex problem, the partial aspects of which must be understood in associations and must be interconnected with unifying factor. The unifying factor is just the definition of optimal reaction of governance participants (on national and consequently on the European level) to current changes of global society and economy. This optimal reaction should namely enable the governance participants to utilize the positive effects of globalisation and internationalisation and eliminate their risks.
  • To summarize, analyse and evaluate new (general) achievements and associations concerning actual trends of world development and on their basis to define an optimal way to utilize the positive effects of forthcoming world order. Actually it seems that it is possible to achieve generally valid objectives in the fields of economic growth, sustainable and balanced development, national and regional security, involved civic society, etc. only by application of new instruments. The instruments rely on mutual cooperation and coordination of various governance levels. In the era of global informational society, it is possible to achieve this cooperation i.a. through a better information level that has to reflect local and regional trends, as well as the global trends.
  • To apply the general achievements concretely on the case of Czech Republic (as a case of national governance level) and the European Union (as a case of regional governance, which aspires for an important role in the global governance system too). As a result of this concrete application, a large scale of recommendations and experience will occur, which would enable early and optimal reaction of the Czech Republic to globalisation trends. The reaction is namely necessary to strengthen the Czech Republic’s position on regional level – in the EU – as well as on the global level – in the globalised world economy. Through the membership of the Czech Republic in the EU, concrete outputs could be used as a stimulus to speed up the reforms and adaptation of the EU itself. Meanwhile, the EU faces similar globalisation challenges but is not able to deal with them appropriately yet.