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Subject of the research plan

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Life in the Czech Republic brought significant changes after joining global economy and European Union (EU) and will continue to adapt itself further. These changes of the Czech society determine at the beginning of the 21st century i.a. substantial movements in social-economic, political-security as far as institutional and legal structures of the globalised world and European environment. Due to the fact, that these changes will have a great impact on the social decision-making in the Czech Republic and quality its citizens’ life, it is required to monitor, analyse, evaluate and interpret both the evolution (included potentional breakpoints) of the defined segment of our country surrounding environment and impacts of its changes on behaviour of Czech society. As the whole process is not one-sided, there it is necessary to keep in mind also the changes of the Czech society, that are evoked by different factors, but with the important retrospective impacts on the structures of all kinds in the world and in Europe and in the EU specially.

The research plan of the Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics, Prague focuses on research of one of the key phenomenon that is going to affect the development of the Czech Republic and its ability to deal with the evolution of both its internal and external surroundings; the governance in its widest word meaning.