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Research Plan of the Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics, Prague

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In January 2007, realization of seven-year research plan “Governance in Context of Globalised Society and Economy” started at the Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics, Prague. The research team, which comprises of experts in economics, international relations, political sciences, and law, will study the most recent aspects of society’s and economy’s reactions in the Czech Republic, Europe, and in the world to rapidly changing reality of globalised world. Outputs of their research work will be continuously available for general public, students, entrepreneurs, and government trough expert articles and publications, conferences, seminars and discussions.


Prague, 15 May 2007


Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics, Prague (FIR) is a pedagogical and scientific institution specializing in international economic and political relations, including their legal aspects. Its particular departments focus on different (namely macroeconomic, microeconomic, political, security and legal) aspects of international relations. As a matter of this fact, the Faculty of International Relations represents entirely connected network of teachers and researchers, which is able to conduct basic as well as applied research of complex issues of economic and social, political, security and legal matters of global economic and social system.
Based on the institutional support granted by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, in the call for research projects of which the FIR proposal succeeded, the Faculty has started to conduct its research plan “Governance in Context of Globalised Society and Economy” since January 2007. Into its solution, about 30 experts form Departments of International Trade, Commercial Enterprise and Business Communication, Company and European Law, Political Science, World Economy and Jan Masaryk Centre for International Studies are involved. Thus they represent interdisciplinary team, which is able to capture the complexity of economic and social processes of current world.

The Research Team is divided into Research Groups, which deal with particular aspects of changes in governance. The group involved in Economic Governance can provide strategic knowledge to entrepreneurs, international businessmen as well as to those who form economic policy of the Czech Republic and European Union. Determinants of effective and flexible combination of particular levels of governance are studied by the group dealing with Good Governance. Reality of globalised world are, however, influence also by supranational entities, on the activities of which focuses group specialized in International regimes and Ethics. Team will not neglect the determinates of Balanced and Sustainable Development. The group focusing on Global Governance will identify prerequisites of the Czech Republic’s successful involvement in global order, which is being formed currently as a matter of globalisation.

Based on overall as well as partial goals, timing and particular research branches, the research will result in several types of output: scientific monographs, expertises, and studies. As far as their content is concerned, they will be theoretical as well as applied with special regard to complex and current (interdisciplinary) studies aimed at reaching as broad group of users as possible; namely civil servants, NGOs, private sector, university students and civic society as a whole. As a matter of European or even global reach of the aspects studied, stress will be put on publishing as well in English and other European languages.

Timeliness and availability of complex information about the current trends of global, European and national development, which are the aims of the research plan, shall enable the government, private companies and civic society to react in time to the changes in their environment. Combining theoretical approach with its application to national, regional, and global level will create a complex and interconnected mosaic of opinions, impulses and recommendations, which will be ready to be applied in economic, foreign as well as regional policies in the Czech Republic; subsequently it shall positively influence its active involvement with the EU. Indeed, timely and just reaction and understanding of globalisation opportunities is a key factor of national regional competitiveness and economic output of firms.