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Economic governance

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Goal 1: Economic governance – Economic policy of advanced countries in context of globalisation

Within the frame of this sub-goal the interdisciplinary team comprised of experts on economic policy and inner aspects of economic environment, international economic relations and comparative economy and on analysis of microeconomic environment in international trade, financial management and corporate governance will look for answers to questions related to changes of economic governance on all its levels but, with respect to the emphasis on the position of the Czech Republic and European Union mainly with the focus on European area and its comparison with other advanced centres of the world economy.

From the view of macroeconomics it would be namely about determinants of competitiveness of European region in global economy, matching economic policy and economic governance of EU, USA and Japan and of course about dissected evaluating of Lisboan strategy and their effects, which together with the system of external economic relations represent the strongest tool of economic reaction of EU to global challenges. This sub-goal also covers the regional matter of the access of central and eastern European countries to common structural reforms and coordination of economic policy in context of the enlargement of EU and its higher economic diversity in context of supranational organizations (e.g. OECD). Active role of the Czech Republic in forming strategies and activities in this field will be the determinant of suitability of the listed tools for specific conditions in the Czech Republic and its adequate reaction to globalisation.
The accession of the CR to the EU represents another complex of institutional changes which influence not only the macroeconomic environment of CR but also its private sector. The essential part of new economic governance is thus the analysis of entrepreneurial environment, of new managerial and financial management tools that affect in a crucial way the national competitiveness both under the conditions of enlarged EU and global scope.
The aim of this sub-block will therefore be to explore closer the above mentioned aspects of economic governance and its latest trends and tools with special regard to the general priority of the research plan i.e. the post transformation economic policy of the Czech Republic, its competitiveness and its involvement into EU and global economy and coordination of economic policies in the frame of intratrade of EU, processes of real convergence and reaction of institutional and economic structure of EU to the strengthens of globalisations. The significant aspiration of this sub-goal is also to identify the group of economic subjects on which the steps in the field of convergent and stabilization programmes and plans for achieving further economic goals of EU can have considerably positive or negative impacts, and to try to measure them if possible and to provide this feedback for these policy makers, as the given attitude is seriously omitted in practice. The very application of modern features of global governance and their evaluation and quantification seems from the view of toughing of global competition to be the crucial factor of keeping and stiffening the position of EU in the world economy that is all-important for its economic prosperity, balanced development and achievement of its global goals. Through this the subject to research on economic governance is explicitly interconnected to the other sub-goals of the research plan.