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Note to contributors

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The articles published in Working Papers bear the characteristics of polemical contributions. The content of articles is reviewed by the team of reviewers and is discussed by the Editorial Board of Working Papers; the author is informed about the result by e-mail or by phone. If the contribution is not accepted, the Editorial office is allowed to keep one copy of the article. There is no legal entitlement for authors to publish the article.

It is assumed that the contribution had not been offered to be published before and it will not be offered to another publisher without a permit of the editorial office.

Any article should not exceed 20 pages (according to the template), i.e. about 30,000 characters or 5,500 words, including abstracts and references, charts and schemes.

The contributions ought to be written in the Czech or English language and should be submitted in two copies meeting the usual editorial standards with complete bibliographic information covering all cited references, descriptive abstracts, keywords and JEL Classification, according to the template. We will appreciate receiving your text written on the data medium in commonly used text software (e. g. Word). It is necessary to state whether the text is original or whether it has already been published elsewhere.

At least one of the printouts should be autographed by the author, who thereby confirms that he/she provided the publisher with the right to publish the article without charge and that he/she has created the article by his/her own activity and there are no copyrights of other people.

At the end of the contribution, the author will state:

the references in alphabetical order, according to the template

in English: name (title) of the article, abstract (20 lines), key words, JEL Classification ( and contact address of the author/s, including e-mail

It is necessary to explain correctly all less common terms and concepts. Abbreviations unless well known and commonly used, should be also explained.

The list of academic postures and the correct name and address of the institution should be submitted on an individual sheet. The author will be advised whether the article has been accepted for publication.

The corrections of the author have to be sent back within one week and the content of the contribution has to be maintained.

Please submit your manuscripts to: or to Editorial Office:

Editorial Office Address:

Faculty of International Relations, NB 34

Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze, nám. W. Churchilla 4, 130 67 Praha 3.

Tel.: +420 224 095 216