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SANEP s.r.o.

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Centre for analysis and empirical research (SANEP) is the firs on-line research internet centre for public opinion in the Czech Republic. It is an absolutely unique way of retrieval of essential data from more than 100,000 registered users, who participate in the individual inquiries and who are exactly divided into age, social and interest groups. Professional and analytical background of the company SANEP allows characterizing the opinion of a particular group of respondents to current problems and questions within few hours.

Apart from the research area, SANEP focuses on consulting as well marketing and communication strategies. We are able to retrieve information in the field of politics, culture, social environment, economy, health care, housing area, consumer environment, industry, education, philosophy, science, and research etc.

In our portfolio there is also a news internet portal, where you can find also the outputs of SANEP.

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Cooperation with the Research Plan:

  • members of the Research Plan can consult SANEP about the creation of questions for researches and about the interpretation of the results of surveys
  • Research Plan provides SANEP with the results of the research activities, in particular the journal Working Papers of the Faculty of International Relations
  • SANEP can directly be involved in concrete projects of the Research Plan
  • SANEP provides the Research Plan with data from public opinion inquiries